Early 70s J-45 neck reset. Are they all paddle joints?

The way I understand this time period is Gibson started using the paddle joint around this time. They also started gluing the top over the neck joint.

My questions are:

Did Gibson do the paddle joint on every guitar?

Did Gibson glue the top over the joint on every guitar? 

How likely is it that I will encounter one or both of these issues?

I have an early 70s j-45 in. The bridge is shaved down, the saddle is at its lowest point, the frets are at the end of their lifespan. I was going to get it all done in one shot. Its playable now but could be a little better. Since it needs a refret I thought this would be the perfect time to replace the bridge and reset the neck. I am trying to guide the customers expectations as to cost and time. I know it will take more time and care if it is a paddle joint or if the top is glued over.  

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OK, I'll bite,

I have to confess my ignorance as to what a "paddle joint " is.

I know what a neck dovetail joint is , and I know what a  headstock scarf joint is, but I have no idea what a "paddle joint " is. 

I’ll try to explain this the best I can. I believe in the early 1970s till about 1992 gibson added another piece of wood to the Tenon. It’s kinda of like an electric neck joint but also has a dovetail. If you google “1970s gibson neck joint” you’ll see some pictures. I included some links too. Not sure if they will work.

My question is are all of them like that? Or did they just do it randomly? I basically want to know. Will I get lucky and get a regular neck joint or am I defiantly going to have to overcome the paddle joint.

This goes for the sound board being glued over the dovetail as well.

Here is a thread from 2014 with some discussion on the topic.

There are two images posted by Dan Elliot at the bottom of page one. This is another type of joint you may run into. A dovetail that has parallel sides, no V shape at all. I did a Gibson Gospel a year plus or so ago with one of these #!!*#^! joints. It was very heavily glued in the dovetail and also the heel to the sides, they spared no expense on glue. The dovetail completely filled the mortise, no pocket for my steam needle. I started with holes through the finger board but ended up cutting off the fingerboard extension for better access. Much frustration getting this one apart but I eventually did.

Good luck.

Awesome thanks

If you get the neck off, can you post pics? I've one of these in at the moment.

Will do. It probably won’t be for another few weeks. I absolutely will when I do.
Never saw one in person, but by the looks, you should be able to feel inside the sound hole and feel that paddle.
Ok thanks. I’ll poke around.


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