I just put up a blog post about it where you can read about it and see more pictures.

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Looks like a dulcimer not made by a factory because it has a oval guitar fingerboard. Folk instruments were made by everyone.

I see more bowed psaltery(s), but I believe you might have a fretted psaltery. There are many variations on the theme, but this one seems to fit the category. Stuart
very cool ancient lap steel
where is Cupid ?
Its a German bowed zither (Streichzither)

Hers's a very similar one. Dates from late 19thC
Bingo, Dave! That's a great photo. Remarkable. The faint pencil scratches inside look like someone's initials and the numerals 77, possibly standing for the year 1877, but I'm just guessing.
Thank you SO MUCH for posting your reply and this photo. Now I know! It's a streichzither!
Also, bingo to Tim. Thanks Tim, and everyone.


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