Hello All,

A student showed up with a set of Rubner machines that looked quite nice, though not just to my taste in appearance. They seemed to be made to the usual high German machining standards. The price for their standard Hauser style is around $75, and if you want ball bearings on the ends of the rollers it's around $125.

I've ordered a set of gold colored Hauser style, with "ivoroid" grips and rollers, which are more to my taste visually. Has anybody used Rubners and got an opinion about them?



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Not really experienced, but I have seen them occasionally. The business has been around since the middle of the 1800th, you can still buy original parts for a Stauffer adjustable neck from them! Good quality as you said and a somewhat dated esthetics.

Hello Roger,

After playing flamenco for years on guitars with wooden pegs, all machine heads seem wonderful! 

As for dated aesthetics, I'll be eighty in a couple of weeks, so the 1937 Hauser look is about right for me (;->).

I see good builders using Rubners, so I'll try them on this batch of six, and see how they work out. Unlike virtually everything else, they can always be changed out...



The quality is there for sure, let us know how they turned out :-)


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