Hi all. I bought this Fender bass guitar from a flea market a few weeks back and it has a loose wire. It is the black wire, (far right of picture) which I believe is the ground. I am not sure where I should be soldering this wire to, so I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with that.

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Solder it to the back of the volume pot.  Its the tailpiece/string ground.

Thank you so much Christian!

Here are a few more pictures.



That's just  the grnd. wire coming off your bridge/strings.  Be sure to clean the area of the pot a bit ( use like 600 sandpaper or so) so the solder gets a good contact.  :)

Those basses, as well as Precision basses and clones are prone to pickguard breakage at the output jack. The best defense is a right angle plug on your cord, strain relieved by your strap (which you should use standing or sitting). It is really easy to step on your cord and find yourself making a new pickguard.


You needn't ask how I know.



Thank you Chris. All clean, sanded and soldered.


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