My wife came across this posting on Facebook and I thought I would share. I do not know the person selling I just though the offer should be shared with luthiers, please share, if you think it is worth it, so this thing goes to a good home.

Here is a link and I will post pictures.

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Here are some pictures

I have had one but it is a lot older much older!

I bought mine from a trailer factory. I gave $100.00 for it.  MOST THE OLDER BIG TOOLS ARE thee phase power so most small shops cant use one. That can be changed to single phase.  Than you need a hyster to move it! the pin goes in the table below the router bit and follows a pattern. That makes it a coper tool.  I love mine and would be the last tool to go.  It weighs around 1000 pounds.



We have a Wadkin which looks like it arrived on the Arc, but it is also the last machine I wold part with in the shop.   They are dirt cheap these days due to CNC machines becoming the norm but they are far easier to set up for development work and low volume work than the CNC's and tooling is cheap enough (Vortex /Whiteside is good).  Couple one of these with vacuum jigs and you have a cheap, high performance guitar building center.   Their stability and accuracy is also way better than the small cheap CNC's used in a lot of amatuer work.   But, they are, as Ron says,  mostly three phase and they do require solid knowledge of wood machining matters.


Thanks for the invite guys. Wish I had a big enough ship for this.


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