I am always on the lookout for a new or different tool or method, and the cheaper the better. Here are some items that I've found lately that worked out well.

My wife uses false finger nails, and part of the kit are these great little sanding boards; stiff foam with fine and finer grits. I guess around 220 and 300 maybe. Work great for sanding carved tops, neck angles, etc. Check with the wife, girlfriend, sister, etc.

Another item found at the big box store, is double-sided masking tape. I believe this was Duck brand, and it's incredibly cheap, and holds very well. I loosen it with the old standby, naptha dripped under the template. I was having trouble with the other stuff being very thin, but this is a little thicker and conforms to tiny irregularities. 

Last item is a cheapie nail file. I believe these are diamond coated, as they stay sharp a long time, but cost only about a buck or less. 

Thanks to Frank's site for the inspiration to look for new uses for old or free stuff. I'm always picking up old knives for other uses. Cheers.

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Great tip. Already pilfered the idea, but to keep from scratching the top of a violin, added a piece of drinking straw to the threaded shaft part. Thanks a bunch.

Love it !  I stealing this too !! Many thanks !

I finally set up a bench just for electronics, I wind pick ups and make and repair preamps nothing to involved. It's nice having everything in one place. For small screw drivers forceps .....and stuff I use one of those knife holders with all the little plastic rods. It didn't fit under our overheads in the kitchen. I have a little carbon fiber(?) rod from an old kite the I use as  little go bar when I'm gluing small parts or soldering it's really handy.

Very nice for a small space,John! I have a larger space for my electronics work and things seem to get scattered....! I would like to add a computor station to my shop. I like your idea.


Here's a quick one for those hollow bodies. The switch tip fisher.  One end metric, the other end is USA.

Good one,I work on archtops regularly. Thank you 

Great idea, that switch tip fisher.

Here is another one for archtops and acoustics with jacks, A "jack-fisher". Simply a 1/4" rod turned into the shape of a jack-plug:

I have a old broken tip violin bow that I can force in the jack .  I put on the nuts washers first than stick the rod in and to the sound hole ,plug in the jack and pull out the hole and install the nut.  Works for me.

I made this simple tool for pre-bending guitarstrings for Bigsbys. I'm not sure whether I saw this somewhere or whether the idea just came to me. Anyway, you should make one too, it makes everything so much easier:

You can se how it works here (the text is in danish, but the photos kind of speaks for themself):

Simple tool to pre-shape strings for Bigsbys

Most excellent. I just dinged up my fingertips pre-bending violin strings to fit in the tailpiece better without coming loose while I tighten them. I'll use that from now on. Thanks a million.  

When putting in the ball ends of the violin strings in the tail piece or other guitar tail pieces I us guitar pins to hold them in to place Works for me

I use that procedure and follow it with a piece of foam rubber to wedge/hold the strings in place after I get them hooked.


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