I have a little bit of fret buzz on my low E and although it doesn't come through my amp at all, my guitar is acoustically very loud and it tends to annoy me a bit. I do have a hard picking attack but I trying to lighten a bit up but it still tends to buzz. I really do not want to raise my action, if anything I would like to lower a bit(.060 -.050" maybe") So am I doing something wrong, or do I have a case of OCD?

I have .070" at the 12 fret
.009-.0012" relief at the 9 fret
The fretboard has no radius
and I use 10.5 - 48 strings at E standard.

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Try fretting the string and pick it, doze it go away? If not go up the fret board and find out where it stops. I would then check with a streight edge to see if the neck truss rod is okay. I would set the truss rodd adjustment untill the neck is dead flat with the strings tuned to pitch then Martin puts about 15 lbs lead weights on the body at the sound hole while the body is propped up and the neck is propped up so it is hanging from the neck to the end and sand the finger board level. Restring it and your buzz should be gone.

Sorry, it's just not going to happen. Low action + extra-light strings + hard attack equals buzzes. Learn to enjoy the sound.
Sorry it's an electric not a acoustic, I forgot to mention that. Also i forgot to mention that i have checked the frets with a fret rocker, and i don't appear to have any loose or high frets.


The buzzing comes from the fretted notes, and the truss does functions properly.
You cant find a high fret unless it is very high with a rocker. Use a felt marker on the tops of all the frets and use a long flat fret dresser and you will find the low frets and that could be your problum.

I don't think I need to dress my frets, I recently had that done with a plek machine in May.

to be specific my trouble frets are 6-9. I read earlier today that is where the strings will vibrate the most due to the fact that's where the relief in the neck is located (am I right on that?)

I may just cut my loses and accept that buzz is a compromise to having low action and work on easing my picking attack till I can get inaudible buzzing unplugged.
What is a plek machene?

Basically a fancy fret dressing machine.



I thought, when you had a guitar pleked, everything was supposed to be just perfect!
Just an FYI.
Where a string vibrates the most depends on the length and tension of the string. That changes as we fret them. Depending on these variables, a string may have several node points which almost do not vibrate at all while the string between them will vibrate widely. (One of the more fun physics labs I got to do in school.)

If you think about it, the string can't vibrate most from 6-9 if you fret from 6-9. I don't think relief should have anything directly to do with string vibration other than slightly shortening the length.

If you like low action and you cannot hear the buzzing through the amp; I would either call it a day, raise the action, or turn it up :) .
I'm with Tom on this because the buzz is on fret 6/9 so the only way tho get rid of it if it's been fret dressed is to raise the saddle or the bridge a little bit. If you d'on't want to, use heavier strings, or weaker picking. But if it's not heard through the amp, I wouldn't bother.


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