Hello gents!

I store my fretwire on a a pile.  I'm looking for ideas on how other repair folks store their wire.  I typically buy straight 2ft sections from Jescar.  I don't build, so I end up having lots of different sizes/materials in these lengths, plus short scraps from partial refrets, leftovers, etc...

I'd love to see some pics.  Thanks for your time.


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Straight pieces in tubes. Left over bend pieces; I cut those into short lengths and put them in those Seymour Duncan plastic boxes.

What tubes do you use?  I've looked at PVC from the hardware store, shipping tubes from Uline, tried to find some on eBay.  Nothing seems perfect, and the cost makes me hesitate.  Curious as to where you got yours.

The pickup box idea is good and did not cross my mind!  I've got lots of those! 


We use a lot of StewMac wire, so we have empty ones to re -use. Also, cardboard tubes from bulk Martin strings, and Accufret. So, we don't buy them.

Makes sense.  Jescar sends their wire in a box that is not really tubes...Same with strings.  I get my bulk strings from either D'Addario or DR, and neither of them ship in any kind of reusable tube.

Thanks for your input.

Excellent!  Thanks for the pics!


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