Hi Frank, Hi All others on this site,

I hope you're doing well during these strange times.

Jonathan Lee here (CFox Guitars, Walden Guitars, and other guitar related roles ...).

I'm wondering about the past / future of ... I periodically visit that site and see it as an incredible contribution and resource to the guitar building / repair community (all praise to Frank Ford). The site has been down for some time.

If is not coming back (as I know it costs money to maintain a website), in the past, one could purchase a CD (I purchased one many, many moons ago, now lost to the winds) ... If is not coming back, is the info still available as a download or archived site?

Be well. Be safe. Be in health.


Jonathan Lee

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Jonathan  -

It's been a while. . . 

Far as I know, it hasn't gone anywhere, and FRETS.COM is still up and running, although it's an archive these days.   No plans to take it down!


Hello Maestro,

Indeed it has been a while. Indeed quite a few years that took me from CFOX to Walden, a move up to Portland, Oregon, to Breedlove to Washburn, and now back to Walden Guitars.

I hope and trust that you are in good health and happiness :-)

I am so glad to hear you have no plans to take FRETS.COM down - it's really such a valuable resource and I find myself frequently thankful for your contribution (as well as allowing me to take a walk through memory lane periodically and visit the old CFOX shop).

The FRETS.COM site can't be accessed at the moment (up here in Portland, OR) and I am wondering if the site is still up down there in S. SF. (not that location should matter).

Very strange.

Anyway, thanks for getting back to me!

Be well,

Jonathan Lee 

I'm in Portland myself, Jonathan... the site seems to be accessible just fine.

Thank you. think it's on my side ... can't access through wifi but *can* via phone LTE. weird as we're in USA and not China [grins].

Just checked and it works fine for me.

Thank you. Seems it's on my side ... computer through wifi can not access but my phone through LTE can access it just fine. strange.

Website ripping software can copy a site onto you computer for offline viewing.

Thank you. Going to look into it. Franks Compendium of Stories, visits, lore, and repairs is Gold and should never be lost.

Also, I’m not sure if Frank still does this, but in the past if you were to contribute $50 to his efforts he would send you a CDR of the info on the site. Perhaps the greatest cost-benefit ratio available for education in the field, a nice way to support and say thank you, and great way to have the info permanently available to you.

Yes, in the past, I contributed and (grins) *somewhere* still have the CDR. I'd "buy it again" in support to be able to archive this most valuable of resources now too - but it'd need to be in a different format as the CD drive has gone the way of the Lute :) 


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