I've never been completely satisfied with my method of storing rolls of fretwire.

I would love to see some photos showing how others organize and store theirs. 

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Rolls of fretwire have been hanging here since 1976 on big nails high on the wall, accessible with a long handled hook.  Dirty and corroded looking, some of the wire was old when I first hung it up.  Of course, discoloration doesn't matter because it gets polished during installation.  Must have 40 or so coils, varying stock numbers, manufacturers and sizes, organized roughly according to crown width.   Stainless wire is now in its own area on another wall. Straight lengths in tubes, but in various areas, harder to locate. . .

Yeah Frank, that sounds about like my current setup. Problem is, I'm running out of space on my wall for new coils. I've been buying a lot of Jescar wire lately and the coils are almost twice the size of the Dunlop.  I can't help but think that someone has devised some sort of amazing, space saving system.

Zip ties and tags, hanging overlapped along a wall here.

Nicely done, David.... looks very organized & accessible. 

Thanks David. The overlapping of the coils will help in opening up some room.

Nothing fancy here just some nails, tags, and a spot out of the way.

Whoops David beat me to it....:)


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