I'm replacing the pickguard on a Guild acoustic using material that does not have the adhesive on the back.  What's the best glue for this?  The material is LMI's PGTSL PG MATERIAL RED TORT 8X10, which I've cut to shape.

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HHG or Titebond both work well. Use a perspex caul to clamp, and clamp it with as many clamps as you can fit into the soundhole. HHG has the advantage of an easier cleanup, Titebond has a longer open time. I'd use HHG, as it pulls the joint together as it cools, and with a pickguard you can work fast enough so that the limited open time from HHG isn't an issue.



If the top has finish on it I use this stuff.


From LMI or...


This stuff from StewMac

Double-sided sticky tape.


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