If I were 20yrs old, just starting out and had some ""crazy money" to burn for a full set of these diamond nut files, they'd probably be at the top of my list....

Then the second item on the list might be the Collins Saddle Mill, but I also think they've been out of production for a spell.

C'mon, I've been really good this year, Santa!!!

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Nah,  don't waste it on that sort of stuff!

All I want  is a  retired supermodel wearing Christmas Stockings who can grain-fill, shape necks, sand and do fret ends.  Not too much to ask even if I haven't been particularly good this year.

These are  a few of my (un) favorite things.


I'd even forgo the supermodel for a one-eyed, three-legged cat, if the cat would do the sanding for me.


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