I am in the first thinking stage of building an electric guitar. I have done two classicals and have a part-time repair business. I am wondering if it is OK to use a graphite rod, set the neck flat and not have an adjustable truss rod. Thoughts are going along the line of 25.5" scale, rock maple bolt-on with ebony finger board.
Also possible would be a spliced through neck with an ebony centre and maple on each side.
Has anyone got any thoughts/advice on this one?

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If you are confident that you can make the neck so it will not need any adjustment then go for it. Long skinny necks are prone to flexing, and the graphite composite can help in that regard, but I think the adjustable rod is a must have item. I would put both in.
Electrics have ways of hurting you that you never imagined - Michael has my vote - put in an adjustable rod as well as some stiffeners if you are building a skinny neck -

Things to consider: if you are fretting the neck after you have put in the graphite and are using big frets you may encounter the larger fret tangs often found with the jumbo frets - these will back bow your neck when put in standard fret slots simply because they are bigger and add more compression. You may not be able to pull this back bow out with the string tension. You may wish to prefret the board before installing it and glue it up with the neck held dead flat or with some pre-tensioning.

Secondly, Electric players use different string gauges for different types of tone and playing styles and with a set truss rod the different tension will cause the neck to move into a different relief depending on the size selected or needed.

Finally, electric necks are longer and skinnier than the normal acoustic/classical neck and are subject to more movement for all the reasons necks move. You really need to be able to adjust these factors out with an adjustable rod. Use a two way rod for your first electric if you require insurance against the neck going either way. Good lick, Rusty.
Both...Then nuke em' from orbit...It's the only way to be sure...
Ahhhh, Sigourney.....sigh. Rusty.
My first attempt guitar has massive back bow due to fret compression - second time round, I opened the slots and pressed the frets in - seemed to be OK. Points taken though. Thanks
If you do will you Keep me informed please


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