I was just googling around and found this soulful little gem:

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Nice find, thanks for sharing. Some good philosophy there! For some reason I can't get the vid. to run smooth, the sound is ok, but the visuals are stuttering all the time. Tried loading it completely before watching, no difference. Shame, maybe it's my computer..

 I do like Franks shirts though, I have a weakness for Hawaii shirts too :-)

Nice interview. Now the man's a pro in film too. What CAN'T he do?

What a nice piece. Wow does Frank wear a shirt like that every day to work? It beats the uniform I have to wear every day. Thank you for sharing.


When people ask me how i learned to be a luthier i answer i am self taught, but really Frank Ford and his site was my Main classroom and i learned so much from him,and have never met him in person.Thank you Mr Ford ,to this day i am still learning from a master!  Also all the fine craftsmen on this site. I LOVE THIS TRADE! 

ps sorry to go all hallmark on you guys

Mark-that sounds a lot like me.  I did get to talk to FF on the phone once, and it was like talking to a celebrity for me.  What a huge repository of knowledge and experience.

I was fortunate to attend a seminar of several days with this generous and amazing teacher.A hallmark in my life.

I feel very fortunate!

Hey, it sounds like he's dead!   Not!

I credit Frank Ford's site to ignite my Luthiery passion. Thank you!


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