I am going back to my first Love I was Trained years ago as a Concert Guitarist i am asking $35,000 for all the exotic hard woods /tools business licience my # is 209-595-9221 buyer must take all by the way i have at least 4 times this # in lumber my name is Paul Bonfiglio i own Modesto Guitar Mill let me just say one more thing when I leave here you can make a minimum of about $300 a day easy in repairs

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My God, Paul. That's a big move. I wish you great success in this new direction. Knowing how these sorts of things have their ups and downs, I'll just say that there's always a spare bed here if you're up in the area and need it. How long have you been working up to the decision?

Good luck, Paul. Wow. Scary to think about that kind of a move in this economy.
well Matt I see it as a win win situation here somebody like your self could possibly come home with a full wood shop and i gota tell you about the lumber ah Christ the lumber alone is worth quite a bit when I have maby 900 board feet of supper curly CA Black Walnut and many more different sticks of exotic this is a deal but one that will be ok with me and somebody with the vision will get a dream deal
Good luck Paul we will sure miss you on the site.Bill.""""""""""
who said i was leaving the site ? is for luthiers and guitar players
Wow, Paul. I guess we can forget the french polishing lessons then eh? I'd still love to meet you and see your setup, even though I don't have $35K. Can you send a private message with your address and phone #? I also have some contacts whom you should know, so let me know how to contact you privately.



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