Hey guys. I have two questions. I will try to combine them in one thread so I don't take up the front page.

1. How long does hide glue need to set after using it to glue on a bridge? It's 192 gram. And can hide glue take full tension steel strings? It felt like gelatin when applying it, and it's hard to imagine it holding to full tension.

2. I have a cheap Yamaha guitar that I'd like to practice my first neck reset on. The problem is it uses an epoxy that I heard is very hard to work with. Is it possible to do a reset on a guitar like this?

Thank you.

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Great thank you.

no comment on the bridge glue job, except to hope that the glue was still like thin maple syrup when you first clamped the two pieces together!

as for doing your first neck reset, i can attest as someone fairly new to that particular job myself that a better bet would be to find an old 50s-70s harmony flattop to try this on.

they're still cheap, they have classic martin-style dovetail joints, they typically need neck resets, they used hide glue originally, they weren't finished over after assembly [thank you gibson >:(  ] and the actual heel fit was usually not that great to begin with.

they are thus relatively easy to take apart, the procedure to correct the angle is the same as for nicer guitars, and the job is worth doing, an old harmony with good action can be a neat knockaround guitar.

Cool thanks. Didn't those old Harmony guitars have enormous softball bat size necks?

The bridge came out great (I think). It's been strung up for over a week no now issues and I used a heavier string (same gauge but more lbs) than prior, so this is a good sign.

yes they did have big fat necks, because they often didn't have proper truss rods.

another little thing i've discovered about them is that if you find one with too much upbow (common), when you take the strings off and the neck sort of straightens out, you can then clamp down the frets and wick in a bunch of thin CA glue (they need it) and the result can be a much stiffer neck that no longer upbows!

do this after the reset, you don't want any CA getting into the neck joint until after it's fixed


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