Hi guys,

First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone here that gave me solutions to my intonaton problem...You all have been a great help!

Anyway, i just wanted to ask if anyone knows how i could make my high E string 'less loud' :))...cause it just seems to overpower the other strings when i strum any chord that contains the OPEN E string...and yes, i know that how i hit the strings affects the tone but the high E is ALWAYS too loud...the thing is i didn't really want to switch to different gauge strings ( i now have 0.11 strings) cause the ones i have now are quite comfortable :D

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Is this an acoustic or an electric guitar you have with the high E problem?
acoustic...sorry i forgot to mention it
Ziggy is the saddle one piece or a split saddle
one piece saddle
Is it an acoustic guitar with a pickup? And (if so), is the E string too loud when played without any amplification?
regular amplification...the high E is just loud when played open :(
I've never heard or played an acoustic guitar with an over powering high E string, sorry.
If it's only on the open E, it's very strange.
You could change strings and the saddle, and see if that helps, otherwise I have no idea.

If this guitar has a pin bridge, you might try changing the bridge pin on just that string. I have learned to use the bridge pin material to fine tune the tone on acoustics with pretty good success. If it has a plastic bridge pin, you may be able to try a wooden one on that string and achieve what you want. I have one guitar that I have modified quite a bit. The sound hole is oversized and this seems to enhance the whole guitar. The down side for me was the extra punch or twanginess that the bottom strings have. The wooden pin helped it. I have 2 wooden pins in it on the 1st and 2nd strings.
Ronnie Nichols


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