Does anyone know what value pots the volume and tone are supposed to be in an Ibanez G10 electric guitar? I've done a bit of searching online and so far haven't found this info. I have a very noisy one here that just won't clean up. Measuring across the outer terminals, the volume reads under 4k and the tone reads just under 500k. Hoping to have it done before giving it to a nephew for Christmas.

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My best luck for finding pot values has been trial-and-error. Try 250k & 250k, then 250k & 500k, then 500k & 500k (vol and tone values).... then try reversing them. Somewhere there's a magic combo. I seem to remember reading that DiMarzio makes a drop-in humbucker for the G10, so maybe that would be a clue worth tracking? Good luck.
I was being lazy, hoping someone knew the correct values already rather than guessing. I finally got the volume out to where I could desolder the shield/ground wires from the pot case and found it says 500k under the solder mound, vastly different from the 4k range I was getting on measurement. Then again, maybe I was measuring the pot in parallel with the pickup(s) to get that 4k range.

The main point though is that I need to replace it since it's extremely noisy at the ends even after cleaning. So later tonight I'll make the order from and hope it gets here in under a week and a half.
Simple rule: Single coils use 250, humbuckers use 500. When both are present, use 500.
I replaced the volume and was getting the same problem. Then I thought more about what I was doing. I was plugging into the mic jack on my computer. The DC bias (phantom power) for powering electret mics was throwing everything off. Once I plugged into an amp without DC on the input, it sounded fine.

Oh well, no point in swapping the pot back now, just keep the old one for something else. And I needed a couple other parts anyway. Now I should make a DC blocker for feeding into the computer's mic input. What value cap would you suggest?
Well the cap value depends on the input impedance of the mic socket , assuming thats a nice high number like a meg ohm, then a 0.1uFwill pass your tone , but there's no harm going bigger .Try whatever you have is a good way to go.


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