I have friends who would like to take one of my instruments on tour to display and possible make a sale . And I am wondering can I buy insurance for my Guitars and who do I talk to ?

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I have used Heritage for many years. Great Service. They understand the industry.

thanks TJ just took a look and that's right On Man


I use MusicPro. They're great

Clarion is good insurance, I have it on all my concert guitars $35k total, my wife and I are pro musicians and all the Dallas Symphony and others use them I had a claim and in few weeks I had a check for  the replacement value of a new Piccolo. They only deal with Musicians. Do not get a add on Inland Mariene policy with home owners they do dot know a $5 dollar guitar from a $5k. You will need a receipt or appraisal.

Discount for students and GFA members as well 

 Thomas, there was a Collings Forum member who dealt with Heritage for years, and was a happy customer till he had a claim. They gave him some trouble  collecting, and when it came time to redo his several year old policy, they told him to go elsewhere. Sounds like a pretty creepy thing to do.  Just when you figure you know a company right? 

I've had Heritage for several years and found them to be straightforward and easy to deal with.  Also, during my years in the Gruhn repair shop, I saw a number of claims which they paid without incident.  I also saw a few claims which involved irrational and unreasonable instrument owners who expected to be paid far in excess of their instruments actual value.  As well as people who thought the little scratch on their guitar was worth $5K in lost value.  In those cases the claims were paid fairly in my opinion, however I'm sure the owners thought differently.  You should probably consider that people with an axe to grind tend to head straight for the internet.  And of course they don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

I can only go from personal experience.  I had a robbery break-in at my shop and was fully compensated in a very timely manor. My agent was straight forward in every facet of coverage; the physical shop property, the inventory, and my repairs.  Obviously, one can select variety of coverage options. I was comfortable in the fact that when I said "D-28" or "PRS" He knew what I was talking about. My previous insurance agent was clueless. Always nice to see more alternatives. Great forum Mr. Frank Ford!


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