Hi everybody, I'm on the way to start a new jazz guitar, for an Italian guitarist, and I was thinki to make back, neck and sides in sapelli mohogany.and soun table in italian spruce.

As anyone of you all did it before? If so what the sound is like? will it be too dark?

Thankyou .


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It should sound good Alberto not to dark.Bill..................

Thankyou Bill, I will have a go and at the end I'll  tell you how it sound.

All the best.



  I don't know if they are available over there but here there are old Kay and Harmony archtop guitars that were built with mahogany. They have a nice mellow sound to them and, once the setup to play properly are pretty nice for low end guitars.

 I haven't built anything with it but I understand sapele is a bit harder than Honduran Mahogany which should work pretty well with a spruce top. Good luck. 

I had a '36 Epiphone Olympic (think David Rawlings and Gillian Welch) for a while that had mahogany neck and B&S with a red spruce top.  It sounded very good.    I can remember if the back and sides were laminated, but I doubt it.  I wish I hadn't sold it... .


Thanks Larry, I am sure now that it will sound good, I love Epiphone guitars when they was made by Epaminoda Statopulos. He was magic.



Honduras M is very rare in Italy, Sapele I can find it very easy, so.........

If Sapele is a bit harder that H. Mahogany I think it might be a bit better anyway. BTW, H. Mahogany is available here but it's getting expensive. 

CubanMahog. is nice to work w/also....made a great neck w/sapele too.

Alberto try and get the ribbon patern Sapele it realy looks nice as well as sounding very good Look At the pictuers of this one I built .Bill............


Hi Will, the mi sapele is just the same with the ribbon patern, and yes i'v made a 12 strings with it and the sound is very good, and then with tunna satin varnish, it looks very nice.


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