I am doing one of these. There seem to be several schematics floating around. Anyone have success with a particular one?  Thanks.

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Hi Thomas,

The schematic from "Guitar Electronics" that pops up via Google is the one I have used successfully for these conversions.   I note that Guitar Electronics now sells a full J.P. kit including a wiring diagram but I can't find the original schematic.  If you have no joy in finding this particular wiring diagram I can upload a copy for you upon request.


Thanks Rusty, 

I have that one. However, Positive and Negative are not indicated by "G.E" version. They show North and South for each coil. I compared this to Duncan's diagram. Looks like magnetic North = Postive?  Am I making sense here?

Yes Thomas, yr making sense, it get a little confusing because the schematic has to accommodate all,generic pickup brands which may be wired every which way and that with all different colors.  go to the following web address which is on the Seymour Duncan website and it will give you all the north south/color codes for all the main brands:

And if you have difficulty - for S. Duncans:

the north wire is the "start" and the "hot" output. This wire is <black>.

white is the north finish, red is the south finish (these two are joined to form the series link) and the south wire "finish" and ground is <green>  (usually ire together with the bare "bleed/earth" wire.

Start and finish refer to the start and finish of the individual coils in the humbucker or single coil

When you finish with wiring according to the schematic it will work if you have got it all right.  As I said, I've used this and it is "known good".  If it doesn't work it is not a schematic problem and you can start troubleshooting from there.  Earth paths and earth isolation is critical in this kind of stuff and it helps to have a wire jumper with two alligator clips handy to poke and prod around if you have a problem.  Good luck Thomas, put some coffee on, and meditate a bit before this one!  Rusty.

Thanks Rusty.  They are GFS pickups. I believe I have the wire code sorted out.  I've got most of it finished. Will get back to it on Monday.  Your time is much appreciated.  Tom

Thanks Chris,

The circuit I am using requires all four pots to have pull switches.

Thomas, the STEWMAC version is Jimmy Page 'light" or the training wheels 101 version.  The version you are using is the more correct one.  R.


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