Lace Alumintone pickups. I have yet to experience these. I would appreciate input from anyone who has tried them. Thanks Tom.

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Very clean sounding, very precise. I don't know hem very well.

Thanks Pierre.  Did you try getting distortion or amp break-up sounds?  Tom

Yes, that was the main try :  I think at that time that it was interesting, but lacking a bit of medium frequencies to get something that would bite. V shaped distorded sound, somewhat. It depends on what your are trying to achieve.

What's interesting with Alumitones is that they are silent and clean and precise.

I have one of the earlier ones... VERY quiet, noise-floor-wise. Very loud output-wise. Very boring tone-wise. Just loud and clean clean but little by way of character.

There are several new models in the Alumitione series available now including high output models.

You may have some auditioning to do.

Best of luck,

Paul (:

Thanks for the input everyone. No character is not sounding good. That's kinda how I feel about the Lace Sensors.


I forgot to say that I personally like all of Lace's pups. I use them in a couple of my stage guitars. They're (IMO) the king of quiet passive pups(: Soundwise, they allow your amp to shape the overall response. Ultra flexibility(:

I like some of the Lace Sensors, and I have a set of Holy Grails that I really like too... but the Alumitone... just seems like a bummer. Great for recording at the computer though because it's so quiet. 

Thanks guys. I know this is very subjective. I went to a guitar show this weekend hoping to see an installed set. Maybe I should add some to an Allparts order.  Tom


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