Hi Folks,

I'm restoring a '24 serial numbered L5. The original hardware is long gone. I figure I can find a tailpiece from an L4 and can have a bridge and pickguard made, but the tuners are going to be tricky.

This guitar had the early style tuners (3-on-a-plate, with the wheel gear below the tuning shaft) that Gibson stopped using some time in '25. I want to know if any one has any suggestions for a source for having tuners made. I tried Stew-Mac (Waverly) but they gently declined my query!

Of course, if any body has a source for original parts that they'd like to tell me about, I'd be overwhelmingly grateful, as well.

Thanks, Harry in Texas

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Do you have a picture of the tuners you are looking for? I have been collecting old tuning machines for a while now and have a pretty decent collection built up. Also, eBay is an good place to look for tuners if you would be more interested in an authentic look. I am going to guess that you are looking for the Grover 3 on a plate machines with the open book look that mimic the peghead design...
thanks, Stringer. I'll dig up a pic tomorrow, then try and figure out how to post it on this forum. I appreciate your interest.

The actual tuners that I've seen for earliest L5s are pretty ornate. I think they were German made, but that's just info I've gleaned from reading. Some time in '25, Gibson switched to Waverly tuners with the wheel gear assembly located on the lower side (closer to the nut!) of the string post holes.

I'm looking for the first ones. I can probably find a set that will work from a parted out L4, but finding an L5 set is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. I'll get back to you tomorrow.

I have an old bone yard if you send a photo of what you are doing maby I can help
Here's a pic of a '24 Loar signed L5 (headstock back). Note that the wheel-gear is below the tuner post shaft holes. That's what I'm looking for, someone to build something like that, or someone who has an old set of tuners with the wheel-gear below the tuner shaft.

Just thought I'd give this thread a bump and see if anyone has any old tuners or knows of a milwright who would entertqin making some new tuners. thanks, Harry


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