Last night I suffered the dreaded peghead scroll break when the mandolin fell off a stand during a rehearsal. Of course, I looked up Frank's article in [] and lo and behold, his article is on a Unicorn and Mustang--same builder as mine. The only difference is that on mine the binding didn't break, although the part from the scroll to the top point came loose from the channel. Clean break in the wood, no missing chunks--nearly invisible when hand fitted back together. I even have some of Taku's stain and varnish--he sent some to me some years ago so I could repair a ding on the peghead point.

I emailed Frank with three questions but I know he's busy and I thought I'd run it by this group for thoughts on alternatives:

1. What viscosity of ACC Should I use to initially reattach the part--thin or "gap filling?"  [And if I were not to reinforce the repair as Frank did, should I use ACC or hide glue?]

2. [I don't have the tools Frank Used so...] Instead of routing a channel and insetting a piece of maple as Frank did, I'm thinking of drilling a diagonal hole through the scroll into the main part of the peghead and gluing a length of dowel in the hole, for reinforcement. Do you think that would work? It seems like starting the hole at such an odd angle might be the spoiler, but otherwise, it might be nearly as strong.

3.  There's also the issue of how to get glue into the hole, once drilled.

Another thought: Frank's article was written in 2001.  I've seen a couple of negative comments on the longevity of ACC here and elsewhere.  Is it the right stuff 12 years later?

I need to at least stabilize this before tomorrow because I have a gig and no backup mandolin... .  I've had this mando for 13 years before this happened.  Should I take a chance and reglue and not worry about it for the next 13?

Thoughts, ideas, alternatives?  Talk amongst yourselves.  Discuss.

Pictures to follow when I get back from an errand I need to run now.

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Well if it keeps getting knocked over it will just keep braking if not there then somewere else. If it were mine I think I would just repair it the same way as the last time.At least it will be easy to fix again.    Just my two cents worth. Bill..........

That's what I did.  The next time I make it to Palo Alto, I'll check in with Frank on the cost of a reinforcement.  I don't have the tools or I'd do it myself.

BTW, if anyone can recommend a sturdy stage stand for a mandolin (needs to fold), I'm all ears.  I'm using a folder with no neck holder and that may be part of the problem--along with tiny stages with no room to move around.


I use a stand similar to this for my Epi Mandobird:

Stable and grips the neck under the peg head.


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