Recently acquired a nice Matsumoto Lawsuit 4001 bass. As appears to be a common problem with these, the maple has taken a discoloration apparently from the glue and/or binding. This is a blonde finish. The binding had darkened along with most of the perimeter. Sanded the discoloration off of the binding but the wood discoloration seems to be deep. Tried some clorox and made a slight improvement but still not to the point where i can put on a mapleglo top finish. In the photo, I wiped on some naptha to show how the discoloration may look with light finish. The neck and back are fine with a butterscotch mapleglo so the top refin could have some reddish tint, but I think the staining is still too dark and will show. Aside from going sunburst, does anyone have a suggestion to either mask or remove the discoloration. Thanks. 

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Looks to me like the endgrain has absorbed whatever it is. If clorox helped, perhaps a stronger bleaching agent like oxalic acid could help? Not sure what other ramifications there could be, though.

Hi, my thought was to apply a sunburst finish to cover the staining, and make it look even.


Mamie Minch has an excellent video that details using Oxalic Acid to remove stains on wood.  It's worked quite well for me on vintage projects, though it will probably will depend on what the stain is cause by.  

Here's the link:

You don't have to do a full sunburst, but a subtle amber shaded finish should hide those stains.

Yes, try oxalic acid, but they won't disappear.

Thanks for the comments. I really dont want to remove the binding, but wondering if allowing the oxalic acid solution access to the pores via the end grain will help...that is assuming that what I saw as reduction was actually from the clorox (mild oa)...


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