I am looking to buy a 72 Martin D 18 from a friend. I want to give him a fair price. As you can see in the pics it needs a little work!! Ha.

Any thoughts on what I should offer would be appreciated



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If you can get it cheap ...and in that condition, you should, it'll be a labor of love, The front and rear cracks ought to be pretty straightforward, but look real hard for any loose braces.  The headstock will need splines as there's not likely enough surface for gluing alone. Overstrap's optional, but I wouldn't bother.

Hard to tell in that one pic, but has the bridge been glued-down with a translucent-something that's showing a bunch of squeeze-out at the rear? Yikes.

Personally, I'd offer $150 cash ...and then resign myself to making a long winter project of it!  Curious to see where this goes, though?

Hi, yes I agree with mikes assessment and would also add that assessing guitars with no strings on could bring up other questions. Will the neck need a reset and how much will the top pull up under string tension, and does the neck have a bow or twist.?

My experience with that sort of neck damage means my approach to the peghead repair would involve more than regluing and splines.

Good luck Taff

Well, all of the bits seem to be there - so I guess you should pay full price. 


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