Hi all , this guy dropped his laminate martin and the back has popped off half way around lower bout . Most of the way the linings have split , so I will use titebond there , but what is the right glue for laminate to wood ? Thanks Len

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Titebond should work, because tiny splinters of wood still adhere to the HPL. You could use gel superglue for that area too.
On the last to HPVL guitars I repaired, I used regular white glue with no problems. I'm talking about gluing on the black face of the HPVL, not the printed face.
I had one of these come in recently, however, I didn't check the guitar in. The tag said "problem with back". I opened the case and lifted the guitar out by it's neck, only to spy my shoes through the soundhole. The back was completely off, laying in the case. Titebond fixed it right up.
Thanks for the advice guys , I have done it with titebond , which made it an easy fix , hope it holds .Len


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