I'm running out of my Martin M1100 strings stash and wonder what I can find for a replacement. Have tried a few others over the years but I always went back to the M1100. Any ideas? Always liked that sound. Thanks

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With a question like this, you'll probably get as many different answers as replies. I went through the same process when the tan pack Guild strings were discontinued.

I don't play guitar often so I string the one flat top I play with Elixir Strings, nanoweb, .012s. I don't care if they're phosphor bronze or 80/20. Like I said, I don't play guitar often, but I know the Elixir will sound fresh for a long time. Sounding in tune after a few years is a different matter. That's when I change them.

D'Addario makes 80/20 bronze strings.  Have you tried them?

I am with Josh, voting for Elixir PB 80/20s


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