This is a martin D35 with a crack in the back , it has not extended right through but can be seen in the light as it distorts over the crack . the outside is not actually cracked nor is the lacquer . I think maybe rub some titebond into it and clamp outside with perspex . Any thoughts please ? Sorry pic won't load .

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 Nice that it's been caught while not all the way through.  Sure, the plan sounds right ...and maybe a few "insurance cleats" couldn't hurt, either.

Pics would really help to determine a fix. Compress the pictures to website size. They should load then.

Before any attempt of a fix, humidify it.

Its not dry , but i'll attempt to swell it with water . My computer won't select an image ! This guitar is so perfect its hard to add a cleat , even right at the back , but maybe a stitch in time saves 9 . Im thinking that CA would suck in better but may show through to the back , thoughts ?

It can be hard to know if it extends all the way through.  Do you know the trick of putting a small pool of naptha (Shellite to us Aussies) on the outside and inspecting for a wet patch on the inside with a mirror?  This will often reveal that it is a true full thickness crack, which might then merit a cleat

Hi Mark , I tried water on the back and possibly naphtha , the crack is not through the lacquer or even the wood .

It sounds fairly stable and minor.  Your initial plan seems safe and will probably be effective.  I am assuming you are going to put the Titebond on the unfinished inside surface, if you say the finish on the outside is actually intact.  Maybe dilute the glue a bit with water?

Thanks Mark , I have a damp sponge inside today , I think it might reduce the impact , and I'll ask the owner if he can go with a cleat .


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