Meet my new break out box (B.O.B.) for electric guitar controls

Finally got around to building a tool that I've needed for a while.  Clients bring me pickups to install in their guitars that often lack markings and defy identification.  Said objects are frequently accompanied by requests for non-standard wiring.  I can figure out the resistance and magnetic polarity with other tools but this allows me to do a few things beyond that:

1. I can prototype the wiring and verify proper electrical phasing using micro clip jumpers - with the pickups in the guitar

2. I can try different tone capacitor values

3. I can try different potentiometer values for mixed (single, humbucker) pickup types

4. I can demo pickup wiring combinations for customers who aren't exactly sure what they want - using their guitar and pickups.

Thoughts and comments welcome!

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Thanks for posting. Love the detailed plans. Great project.


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