hi all

Haven't been here for a while, both my computers died within a week awhile ago, don't you just love modern technology...

Back to the subject though: one of my clients found this on a flea market here in Lübeck for €15! Anybody seen anything like this before? The double neck is made out of one piece carved out, and the top is of good quality. It seems to've been made with a lot of attention to detail, check the bridge for example. apart from that no clues, the people running the flea market stall had no info about it, and otherwise it has no labels or serial numbers, absolutely nothing at all. Ideas anybody? nice to be back btw :-)

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tenor guitar/six string? It appears to be of the right era....Stuart

That is a harp guitar. Go to for more information than you can imagine.



Thanks Joshua! Great link! That's what I love about this site, so much knowledge here :-)

uhhhh....uhhhhh...Lyon Healy?Bruno?Great top wood



I'm amazed that I had to get to be 58 years old before discovering harp guitars! We lead a sheltered life up here in northern Germany :-) Makes me wonder what other fantastic instruments are out there waiting for me to discover them! It's a wonderful world!

I'm nothing like an expert (like I have to say that!) but this doesn't look American to me. The round shape and the upper/lower bout proportions ( about the same) make me think of some of the German guitars I've seen around. I guess that makes sense since you are in Germany (duh). 

It's a very nice looking guitar, particularly for the price. What issues bring it to your shop?

BTW, I was just wondering what happened to you yesterday. Glad to see you back.

agree w/Ned based on the bridge...Grahame I saw lots of interesting instruments in small German shops in the "70's.Lutes all over...

hi Ned

The reason it's in my 'shop is that I have a client whose hobby is scouring flea markets for interesting things he can buy cheap. As in this case, he brought it in so I can get it playing again. Shouldn't be too hard, the general condition is good, and now I know what it is, and how to tune it etc. Can't wait to hear it!


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