Hey guys! This is my first post. I am looking at a nice guitar that has a neck issue. It is pulling away from the body slightly. Can this be repaired without a complete neck reset? Can glue be injected into the crack and clamped? I have a specialty glue that is used to inject into loose furniture joints that does a wonderful job and I wonder if this glue could be used in this application. Any ideas on this matter?

Thanks, Jeff

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Best to take it off and put it back on right, by shimming the dovetail so the connection is solid. I would strongly advise against injecting the stuff you have.

 Hey Paul,

 Thanks for the opinion. I was thinking that a complete reset was called for, but didn't know if there were options. The crack in the joint is about business card thickness right now. Just wanted another opinion before I made an offer on the guitar.


Chair Doctor Glue? I concur with Paul. That won't work.  It doesn't even really work on chairs very well.  If that opening is on the heel of the neck at the body back? That translates into a much larger problem at the bridge height.

Is it a dovetail, mortise & tenon, or some other type joint, is the question?

The only glue I would consider using is Tite-bond of hot hide glue, you may need to remove it in the future.

The right way would be to remove the neck and reglue, to make sure it's a quality repair.




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