I've never had this problem before guys. I sprayed the color coat of nitro and let it dry for a day. Then I came back the next day and sprayed 3 coats of clear nitro. As it started to dry the color coat underneath started to crackle. It's not the checking that we're all familiar with. I'm curious as to what is causing it. Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure I'll have to sand it off and start over. But I haven't sanded it yet, hoping someone would have a suggestion. I've included some pics below.

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I should add that I used two new Sata HVLP spray guns, never used before, to do the job. And it didn't look like that after the first clear coat. I'm curious if I've not left enough time between clear coats? Would that cause this problem? Also, what would be the correct term for this finish problem? 

The term I'd use is "wrinkling" of the base coat.  What type of color tint/dye did you use?  It looks like the top coat is lifting the color coat.  I can only think of incompatible finishes as the cause (where the top coat is chemically hotter than the base coat and acting as a solvent/stripper on the base coat).  But you would think that nitro over nitro would not be a problem.  Guess it gets down to the type of tint/dye and if you exceeded the recommended concentration. 

You would think that you had put an oil bace in your coulor coat.Are you sure the tint is not an oil tint??? Bill............

I'm positive it's nitro on nitro. The color coat was a premixed ReRanch aerosol can. And the clear is Behlen Stringen Inst. lacquer. I've used this combination many many times before and never got this result.

I would bet that it is the spray can and that it is a different kind of lacquer like acrilic instead of nitro.Good luck Jeff  Bill............

Like I said, I've probably done 25 guitars with the same stuff, same brands...everything, without any problems like this. I guess I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and re-do it all. I was just curious if any of you had experienced this effect before, and what would cause it??

That looks similar to the "wrinkle" or "crinkle" finish that was used on a lot of old radios and the like.  If I remember correctly, that effect is deliberately created by applying a fast-drying topcoat over a wet slow-drying basecoat.  That might be what accidentally happened here.

I think I'll contact ReRanch and see if they can give me some info. I've used their premixes many times. I always empty the aerosol propellant from the can (by holding it upside down) and open the bottom of the can with a can opener to put the paint in my gun. The guitar in my Thumbnail was done with the same materials, just a different color.

in the past this has happened to me only when mixing my own color . so it is this sea foam green your after well I did this once and I thought I had used to much white opaque aniline Dye for the application as soon as my 3rd coat of Nitro same thing, I stripped it remixed it and I used much less color ,even to the extent I sprayed color in almost misty coats to achieve the color I was after and actually adjusting color as I went from coat to coat until I achieved my color I was after  

Was the gun squeaky cleaned before you shot anything through it? I know -- I'm 3 years late -- sorry!

Just saw the pics - this has happened to me when the bottom coat hasn't had enough time to dry before putting the next coat - or as Lee and Glen mentioned. also FRANK's idea of dusting coats over the color coat. The rule of 3's might be looked at --

Yes they were dry, fully.


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