Hallo  everybody, I'm on mi way to start a guitar with Nomex in the sound board, the problem is that I am allergic to epoxi, so I was thinking to use tite bond. As enibody ever tryed it before? or in stead what can I use?

Thank you


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Polyurethane (PUR) is an alternative to Epoxy according to web based research.  Lot of people on the forum have experience with this using this stuff - I have none.

Like Rusty, I have no personal experience with this.  But take a look at this film on Steve Andersen's technique.  Maybe you should inquire of him about alternative adhesives--he's probably done some experimenting.  I would imagine that a flattop would be made with similar technique without the shaping required for an archtop. is Steve's web site.


Thankyou Larry and Russell, nice of.


You can find a couple of videos on making a double top for a steel string guitar on the O'Brien guitar site here.  This set of videos show how a  top is made with a wooden fillet under the fingerboard extension and around the sound hole. He also shows a slightly different way of applying glue.

I can't say anything about using a different glue but one of the things I was thinking about this thread as I read Peter post on the Torrefied tops. If his point about the potential that a torrefied top wouldn't break in and would begin to fade faster is true, I was wondering if some of that could be offset by using torrefied wood for one plate of a double top guitar and a standard plate for the other side. Maybe a more broken in sound early on but with room for improvement as the second plate "came on line"?

I suppose it's completely possible that the different moisture content and the different reaction to humidity of each plate might  cause structural problems too, so maybe not such a good idea after all? 

Very interesting Ned, I'll think abaut it


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