Not a guitar topic per se, but a lumber question...

There are experts here in just about everything it seems, so I'll try this one out on the troops...

I'm constructing an outdoor firewood rack, using those steel 4-way corner-pieces and pressure-treated 2X4's. The question is this: when cutting the pressure-treated wood to length, what sort of protection is needed (if any) for the fresh cut ends?

When a cut is made, you can see where the treating chemical has absorbed about 1/4" or so into the wood, but a new cut presents an untreated face to the wood and I'm worried bugs will burrow in and destroy the wood from the inside-out. Any thoughts?

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Hi Mike, 

Just a thought (and maybe a bad one), but why don't you try putting some (roofing) tar on the cut ends...


- Steve

They sell stuff at the hardware for the cut ends.   I did a huge wood fence around my house it was right there in the lumber section.  Google is yer friend.
Thanks guys!  I knew there had to be something out there. Good deal...I'll be going to Lowe's in the morning.

As Tom said, you can get the "Juice" to treat the ends at Home Depot or Lowe's. When I have used it in the past, it had to be applied a couple of times over time. It's pretty caustic so skin and respiratory protection is was called for. 



If you use pressure treated, all the poison has already been added for you.

If you do nothing to the ends they will still probably outlast you. Maybe it's where a person lives, but in my neck of the woods I've never heard of treating the ends of pressure treated wood.



Picked-up the product yesterday and treated the ends. It's "green copper solution" (layman's name for a lengthy chemical compound) and is marketed -as I've been told- specifically to treat the cut ends of pressure-treated lumber. You pour some into a small pan and let the ends soak for 2 or 3 minutes, then air-dry for 24hrs and it's done. $7.95 or so at Lowes.


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