this customer of mine wow well he bought 5 of these Gibson cases thinking they were nos and when he received them they were like new gota tell ya nice cases I would pay for $$$ and he got them and traded one off to me unknowing what he had done he had molded the inside of the case and brings it over to show me I got sick so how do I get rid of mold in a nice Gibson leather case ? Anyone HELP Please I have laid it open on my diving board to expose it to sun light so its is dry just moldy in the headstock portion

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Take a breath, Paul! How come you have a diving board? You can't really get rid of mold; when it dries out it just becomes spores that come back to life when it gets damp again. They can survive decades. Just have your pool boy or your housekeeper shake some baking soda in the case when it's dry and vacuum it out to reduce the musty smell. About all you can do, as far as I know.

Just kidding about the domestic help.
well what is that gona do i want it out if I can if there is a better way I know about 19 ways to skin a cat so i need the big guns who knows who has knowledge on this subject I know your out there please feel free to enlighten us
Hi Paul , I am no expert but I have thought about this problem before . I think some bleach watered down and just try it in a part that you cant see , incase it fades the pink plush lining.But maybe a garden product , there are garden sprays for roses and tomatos to stop mould and fungus.You need to ask a garden guy, or grab a housewife book about cleaning furniture and carpet . Let us all know what u find ! Len
Did you tried with a sponge and (perfumed) ammonia?
Paul -

Get with a Google search and you'll see how difficult it is to remove mold. I believe all authorities agree with Greg that mold can outlast any of us unless it is killed, and drying doesn't kill it.

I did read that boric acid can do the job, but I have not tried using it. You can get the stuff at garden supply as an ant killer.

From experience I can say that bleach will kill mold but when I've tried it, the stuff made a mess of the case lining. Baking soda reduces the smell, but the mold is not killed by it.
Try sponging on white (spirit) vinegar, or tea tree oil mixed with warm water. You may be able to reduce the appearance of the mould with a litlle gentle application, but the main advantage is that both of these, particularly the latter are efficient at killing the fungus. BTW, they WILL stink out your case initially, so leave to air for a few days. preferably in sunlight.
If we can make the leap from a 1994 Isuzu to a guitar case, I might be able to help.

I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington and it's damned wet here alot of the time. I have the aforementioned Isuzu and at some point, didn't drive it for about a year and a half. It just sat in my driveway and, to make the situation worse, I never checked on the interior. When I finally decided to revive it and looked inside, it was full of mold EVERYWHERE except, oddly, the roof liner (go figure). Lysol took care of the plastic surfaces and a Bissel carpet and uphholstery cleaner with hand attachment took care of the rest. I used the Bissel cleaning solution as directed. Not a single spot of mold or bit of mold odor since then and it's been five years since the incident. Of course, getting the sucker totally dry afterwards was a bit of a challenge.

nope i am giving this one back it made me sick for a day no way the guy is going to pay in cash instead


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