Hi everybody,

I need some information about nut acoustic size....

How much must to be nut tickness ?

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I have never bought a nut blank that fit perfectly, right out of the box. You have to make it fit the slot. Don't enlarge the slot in the neck. Make the nut right, get the spacing right. I use the Stew-Mac spacing ruler. Once the spacing is right, then you use feeler gauges to set the depth of the slot and cut each one with the appropriate-size file. I like to have the unwound strings set fully into the nut, and the wound strings set 1/2 the thickness of the string, There should be no nut material above the strings. Once you have the nut right, if you still have intonation problems, look at neck relief , neck angle and bridge saddle location.
Thanks Bob, I've the necessary tools to make a nut.
I repaired the original but I will make another.
My probles is :

Strings tension doesn’t satisfy me ………. That guitar shoud to have a more powerfull sound on the bass notes ……….
- Should I to use 13/56 strings gauge on that Dread Guitar ?????
I worry to stress the top
- Should I to raise saddle protrusion at 0.19 0r 0.21 (making a new saddle) and lower relief to compensate strings action ???

- I’ve on low E string intonation 12th harmonic flat if compared with 12th fretted note and sharp on 3rd 5th fretted if compared with open note……


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