I have a nice birdseye maple neck. The nut slot is about 1-2 32nds to wide on the back side. The spacing from the front of the nut to the 1st fret seems fine. I was trying to figure out a way to fill it back in. I have thought of ordering a larger blank and build a new nut. It might be fun but I have never done that before. I know you can do tricks with CA glue and wood dust, but i can figure out how to dam it to keep it out of the slot. I have installed LSR roller nuts with success, but i always used the back of the slot as a guide for the cut. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.
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I would fill the slot in with another piece of wood then route it out the proper size again. You could wax the nut all over with a wax or pariphene the nut and put it in the slot and fill with sawdust and super glue. Either way it would be quite tricky.

I like the wax/pariphene idea. I hadn't thought of that. i will make a little mock up and see if that works. thanks
It would be easier and less unsightly to make a new nut.
So I ordered some bone nut blanks for gibson. (4 of them so when i screw it up i can start over!) A nut slot file (for the neck) and the slotting files for the nut. I filed the slot level and spent about 40 minutes running the blank over some 120 grit paper to get the thinkness correct. I am pleased so far. But of course it looks like a bar of soap attahced to the neck. I am going to keep scraping away at it till it looks right.


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