I was fine tuning the set-up on my guitar the other night and following the information on Fret.Com where Frank shows how to set the nut slots. I got the High E, DAE perfect. Just barely able to see a space with my "old man" magnifiers on while fretting the 3rd fret.

The G does have a space but you really have to work to see it. The click method seems to indicate it's there though.

The B string touches though while fretting the 3rd fret.

If I'm not getting any back buzz or buzzing when playing open strings is there any reason to raise the slots in question? The guitar plays great.

The rest of the set-up is a tiny bit of relief, bass set @ 5/64th and the treble set @ 3/64th.

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The information Frank shows on his web site is accurate. Some instruments will allow you to take the string down lower before there is a buzz. If it still makes a clear note, I'd advise leaving it alone. The idea is to get it as low as possible without it buzzing. I've seen some instruments that you could go a lot lower than others for some reason.
Ronnie Nichols
If you have no buzzing while playing the string open, you do not have a problem.

Only way you will get a buzz or rattle, is if the bottom of the nut slots are lower than the top of the first fret. I try to keep it maybe .001" to .002" above the top of the first fret, or same heigth normally works.

II cut a nut to >010 to .020 above the first fret ten to twenty thousandths I believe this is what Jim was saying
If you have the strings to low at the first fret it is hard to hammer on .You have to have the string moving to make it sound.

Hi Ron. It would be the same as playing with a capo on right? You can play a hammer-on with a capo so there shouldn't be a difference if the open string is cut to a similar height.
You are as rright as rain!

I started building violins and I tried to get the string as close to the fret at the nut and finally some one had to tell me that you need to feel the string at the nut as well as further down the neck and it makes sense when you try it so my whole life changed.

I agree with Ronnie, not all the guitars are the same. And not all the days. Some days I can do 3 or 4 perfect nuts in just one hour and some days I waste 3 or 4 cow legs!


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