Hi all, I'm a newcomer round here, though I've been lurking around for a while.

I recently bought some Titebond Liquid Hide from eBay. However, when I unpacked it I noticed the expiry date was 2013. I got a refund, but am wondering if there's anything I can do with it? Would you fellas trust it for any jobs? Seems a shame to bin it.

-- Keith

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Having had the misfortune to buy and read "The Luthier's Handbook" many years ago I do not share that level of respect.

Siminoff was mentioned as an Authority on Fish glue, I would not take that as any measure of proof of it's merits.

Opinion noted. 

Not familiar with the Luthier's Handbook" but I do have his second edition of the Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manuel and I found it very useful for building my first mandolin.  And he has always been helpful to me when contacted him with questions.  I've bought a lot of products from his site and been happy with them.  I have used fish glue with good results myself and I like the fact that it has longer working times. But it is probably not the glue for everyone!  LOL!  Cheers.


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