Hi guys , where do you get these saddles ? They overhang and I hope to avoid recutting a bridge slot ? May be from an Ibanez ?

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Hello Len, 

I wouldn't know where to get those saddles (and also at the exact measurements you would need). I wouldn't start recutting the bridge slot.

Maybe a nice chance to hone the chisel/file skills and make a new one from a piece of bone? I did one years ago (for experience, not because it was an easy quick fix...)

Thanks for the reply Jelle , I dont know why you intonated a nut with a zero fret ?

Hello Len, 

You're right, the overhang was not for intonation purposes. The overhang was facing the other way round (facing the tuners/trussrod nut, as was the original nut) (sorry, just found the picture, of the original nut)

 Len the picture you have is from Yiannis's personal guitar. The pic was on my Facebook page a few days ago.

The saddle was custom made by Olympus Guitars (I think that is the name) , and only because they for some reason, did not want to recut the saddle slot. Personally, I don't understand at all.... 

I would make a piece of bone to fit the slot, and another one to glue on top for the overhang. Is this on a ukulele? What brand?

Instead of an unsupported overhang  I will often glue a piece of bone to the saddle that also rests on top of (but is not glued to) the bridge.  I just did this work on a sweet little all mahogany Favilla the other day (photo attached.)  In this way the bridge supports the piece that has been grafted on so that pressure from the string is lass likely to snap it off.


Robert, did you do that to adjust the compensation?

Ned, yes.  The saddle slot was just able to catch the correct intonation for the first, third and fourth strings.  2nd, 5th and 6th were quite sharp.  As it is I would like to have had a little more room for the sixth but the bridge pin hole wouldn't allow more string length.

Just to be clear , the saddle I want is shown in my attachment , the 8 string uke shown is not the subject , the saddle is for a factory made guitar with inaccurate bridge placement .The bridge has an under-saddle pickup so resting an overhang on the body of bridge may not be ideal . Please check my pic , Im sure someone has seen these saddles .

Seen those a lot on Ibanez instruments. Mostly on their acoustic bass guitars, but on other instruments as well.

Theres a guy on ebay sells them custom made

If you have a router table they would be easy enough to make from an oversize blank

Hi Len,

 Ibanez called that part "ivorex"...I used to work for an Ibanez dealer for quite some time :) Here is a link to a few different versions from their website  Hope you find what you are looking for.


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