(first of all, did everybody leave town this week?! This board hasn't been this quiet since the minute it started....) But I digress

On the bench is a Peavey strat-copy with an amazingly frustrating intonation problem. After pulling out a lot of hair (and there wasn't much left anyway), I determined the problem was the poorly-cut nut slot, slightly canted toward the bass strings, in relation to the frets.

The fretboard is maple, so I'd hate to have to fill the slot and cut it over again from scratch. So the question to the troops is: has anybody had any luck making compensated nuts? I'd like to try, say, a reverse overhang (toward the tuners) to allow the too-short bass strings some more "breathing room". All thoughts greatly entertained and appreciated.

PS: have a wonderful Thanksgiving, folks!

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My thought was that the next repair person might go nuttier than you did trying to sort out why the new nut *they* put in isn't working. Maybe correct the slot so that you can make a nut that is compensated toward the tuners for all the strings instead of a twisty nut - make it obvious by scalloping it back (rather than just leaning it),
That's a good thought, of keeping in mind the next poor schmuck that encounters my "clever handiwork". Kinda' leads me back to filling the slot and recutting it correctly. Thanks for the reality check.

BTW, this little thread doesn't appear on my 'main page', and the last comment by anyone appears to have been made on 11/22. I only got to my Q (and your response) via the automated e-mail generated... Has there been any activity since 11/22, or is just what I'm seeing that's goofy? If that's the case, where does one go to complain?!
Something broke. Ning upgraded (heh) the software on 21 Nov. If you select Newest Discussions instead of Latest Activity on the forum page you can see what's going on.

I sent Ning a support ticket about it, but another probably wouldn't hurt. Try here:
Done deal.... another support ticket sent.
Dude, they saw your avatar and fixed it instantly :)
(I've just been neglecting the forum this past month or so.)

I have an old beater of an electric that has bad intonation even when trying to adjust the bridge. I need to replace the block of 1/4" plexiglass someone made a nut out of.
I have some deer antlers that I'll be using for this (already made the nut and bridge for my 8-track uke out of some). I have noticed that some cut pieces have porous areas to them, but as long as the notches are in solid material and the rest holds it up, I'll be happy with it on this beater (just something I decided to keep for testing amps when I work on them, no identifying markings I can find on it). I know part of the problem is that the nut's peak (where the strings contact) is too far back (toward the tuners). Rather than just refiling it, I'll make a new one, since the strings also stick a little on the plexi when tuning. I haven't noticed this sticking problem on the uke's antler nut, whether with nylon or steel.
Come on n0ukf ! how can you tempt us with visions of your 8 track uke with antler nut and saddle, and steel & nylon strings, and not give us a pic to drool at ?
It plays flat in the lower frets, is that right? You could use a Dremel tool with a small router bit to carve recesses in the nut for the affected strings. If it looks OK, leave it, or use it as a template for a new nut. Stelling Banjo nuts used to be compensated like this (still might be, in fact).
How do you know it is playing flat on the bass strings. Are you using a harmetic over the 12 fret or your ear? And how high are the strings over the 12 fret? Use a pick over the 12th fret and move it back and forward to see where it harmicts right. It is possible to change the harmetic positions by sanding lightly one half or the string . Do it with a old string to practice.

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