I feel like I'm doing enough restrings per day to justify getting one of these gizmos. Anyone have one that they really like?

After some web searching, I'm leaning towards this one. 

It looks like this winder would be good for slotted head instruments as well.

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Paul is correct (and I loved the humorous preamble).  The simple explanation is that you are a healthy distance from the pickups when using the winder on the tuners. 

Most of my stuff is Porter-Cable, DeWalt or Bosch, but now that Black & Decker owns Bostich, DeWalt, Porter Cable, and Stanley there's probably cross-pollination going on.

Hmm, didnt know that. Hopefully the quality of those names doesnt suffer. At least theres still Bosch then, and Milwaukee. I cant afford to cough up the dough for Festool :P.
Second Russel's recommendation. I have a 7.2 volt lithium ion skil driver/drill that i positively love using. The small gun shape and variable speed control give perfect control and speed when winding strings - And of course its a great screwdriver and drill for small and medium sized tasks. It cost me about $80 Canadian and it was well worth it. For the record, I dont touch any 'tools' made by Black and Decker - its just not worth the time or money in the long run.

The Makita TD020DSEW is my favorite, I have two of them. At 2300 rpms it's very quick. Sounds too quick but it's also an impact driver and that function kicks in before all but the thinnest strings would break. It's lightweight, charges fast and does the job of string winding better than anything else I've tried. The speed seems frighteningly fast but honestly five minutes with it and you don't want to use anything else. Sadly I don't think they make them anymore, but you can find them on eBay sometimes. The new model is much slower. I use the Dean Markley winder/bit but before they were commercially available I made them by cutting the end off of a string winder and epoxying it onto a screwdriver bit.



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