Hi to everybody!

I'm working on a project of a Danelectro Dc Bass with a lot of changes. Really I love the shape of the body and the neck of the old danos but I can't stand with a body made of masonite and plywood... so I've thought to route a body of alder or ash with the same shape. I've prepared the template and I'm ready.

So... my question. The pups of the Dano Dc Bass I think that are the same of the Dano Dc '63 guitar... they are the famous lipstick pups. I don't like their sound and I'm looking for something more powerful, something really hot and really rock. The problem is to combine powerful pups with a shape of the pups that fit with the shape of the body. Any suggestion?

Same thing for the bridge... suggestion?

Thank you very much to anyone who will help me!


P.S: I'm sorry for my english...

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These are original size and twice the output.

Leave it alone and just build a new one with truss rods and all other things you like.


You might consider finding a custom bass lipstick that's overwound to 6k or 8k. Overwinding will increase output and move the resonant peak lower.  Then you could keep the look while having the heavier sound.

Kent Lawrence used to make overwound bass lipsticks.  I don't see any at their distributor (, but you could have yours rewound.

You might be disappointed to find that alder body only changes the sound only subtly. Why not first try the overwound pickups Thomas linked?  IMHO, a Dan with an alder body isn't a Dan.


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