For once I have a straight forward and simple question (hopefully) - hurray! 

OK, so I'm resetting the neck on my own 1948 Gibson LG2, I've taken it slow and easy and everything is going right. However, when checking alignment, using a clamp to press down the fretboard tongue, I hit the top bracing that spans the upper bout north of the sound hole just under the tongue.  It was a clean snap and won't be any trouble to re-glue, but I'm curious as to which I should re-glue first.

Would you recommend re-gluing the neck, letting it set fully, and then the bracing, or the bracing first and then the neck and why?

Many thanks!


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Bracing first, neck second. Doesn't feel right to me to do it in reverse. 

Would putting the neck on first perhaps throw the tongue angle off from where it would be with the bracing in place?  This was my concern, but I wasn't sure.  Thanks!

Why not glue both up at the same time using the brace for pressure also ? All should dry at the same rate...btw I have no experience doing this...jus'wonderin'

That would complicate things unnecessarily. Brace first.

Thanks!  I'm on it.

There often are opportunities to glue multiple things up at once and when this is the case it's not a bad idea so long as there are no dependencies from one thing to the other.

In this case the body geometry is pretty important when fitting/setting a neck.  The UTB (upper transverse brace) is pretty key to top shape.  Be this as it may I would glue the brace first and then fit the neck.  You don't want to be fitting a neck to a moving target so-to-speak.


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