Been working my way through this one for a few months but I've finally completed the headstock, and I guess I'm just feeling like sharing it. It's been a challenging restoration so far as I'm trying to be as accurate dimensionally as possible to the original, even though it was MIA when I got the guitar. Next step is to fit the dovetail which leads me to a question. Does anybody have an example, or know off the top of their head, the height that the neck should sit proud of the top surface at the heel? Measured from top to bottom of the binding would be best. Anyhow here's a shot from today.

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Bill, for me shaping the neck is the easy part and my motto is "do the hard stuff first".

I would suggest obtaining a back isue of American Lutherie (Guild of American Luthiers publication) issue #111, Fall 2012, and reading the article by R. M. Mottola "Fretboard/Toplate Geometry of the Flattop Guitar", pp 32-41.  Even though the article is ostensibly about "flattop" guitars, it covers about every possible iteration of neck angle/fretboard taper/fretboard elevation/top arching/radiusing and bridge/saddle height imaginable, and should allow you to "dial-in" exactly what you're looking for.  By far the best article I've ever seen on this complex subject and a true revelation to me about some aspects of guitar design, building and repair.  If you're not already a member of the GAL, consider joining.  Yeah I know membership is a little pricey, but I find something of value in every issue (a completely unsolicited plug there).

Kudos on doing an excellent job on that neck!

Ok neck is shaped and dovetail is fit. On to the fretboard. Sure wish Gibson hadn't sent DePaul Supply a cease and desist notice on making replica split block inlays, would have saved me some time.

You do extremely fine work Eric (as usual!).


Thanks Paul, but I don't think of it as work cause I love it too much.

Ok then: you're a very skilled craftsman.

It's worth saying it twice (:


Wow....indeed! Looking forward to some pictures of it all strung up.

Very nice job on the headstock... well done!

I can't thank you guys enough for the praise. I respect each of you as fellow luthiers so your kudos mean a lot to me. I'll most certainly keep this thread posted as I move forward and I've been thinking about videoing my friend John playing her when she's done. He's a great jazz player and his "Over the rainbow" brings tears. I guess post it to Utube and then link to this post..............Now back to those two new Dreadnoughts I just started building.

Thought I might update the status on this one. Ordered out the fretboard inlays from DePaul, turns out Gibson only made them stop making the headstock ones, and they are really nice. I've gotten them installed and the first layer of binding on, as well as fitting the fretboard extension support. Next I'll mount the board and fret before installing the outer white binding.

 Will there be more pics tomorrow when it's fretted? Keep going, cause it looks great!


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