Anyone have luck with this type operation?  Thanks. Tom

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The PWMs are kinda delicate, if superglued.  If you didn't superglue them, that's probably why you want to take them out.

Yes. Razor blade, slow, tedious, awkward hand positions, cramps, migraines, and you still might screw it up. Believe it or not, the last one I removed I threw caution to the wind and just yanked all the sensors off individually. They are fine and work perfectly. Just a bit of glue residue to remove. I wouldn't try that with someone else's guitar, but I was shocked that it worked.



The system needs to be removed to do bridge work.  Trying not to destroy it in the process.
Thanks.  I'll attempt  the razor blade. That what I was thinking. I will consult the owner about getting aggressive and taking a chance if that doesn't get results.

I made a little tool from a painter's palette spatula (like the one on the right here) for doing it that allows working the seam with the inevitable braces in the way.


It's useless inside archtops and mandolins with f-holes, petite bouche Selmers and the like. Fortunately K&K is now offering alternatives to that insane protocol. I've mounted a number with just doublestick tape and they sounded fine; the alleged advantage of hard-gluing them to the top is greatly overestimated.

Thanks Paul. I assume you are talking about the thin 'Scotch' double sided tape rather than that foam stuff?


I've put in a couple K&K mini westerns using the superglue protocol.  They (K&K) do say you can double stick and provided it with the last one I installed (seems a much tackier type than the normal 3m but who knows) but mention that the mini western is much more effected than the normal.  If you have the regular western I'd guess the greater size compensates for the thickness of the tape.  I actually spoke with the head engineer a few years back, and he said that his tests were a few percents of transmission but noticed a drop-off on the ends.  I'd say you can always soft-install try it and then change it if you decide it's not right.

Yes. I've also hard-glued them to clear mylar tape, so the tape is a parting agent. But I don't think they sound better than just the tape.


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