Pretty self-explanatory, but what's the best way to remove that shiny poly finish on a newer guitar (2004 Ibanez hollowbody jazzbox) to get a woodier, aged feel to it for better playability?

I've heard #0000 steel wool or Scotch-Brite pads will do the trick. I don't want to strip it entirely, just make it more satiny and less glossy/shiny.

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Go to home-depo in the sand paper section you will find the right pads.I like the Mahogany coulor ones if you can't find them get the grey ones they will take the shine off.And when your done & you would like to have the shine back just buff it. Good luck Bill."""""""
#0000 steel wool will do the trick just fine and it gives you a point at which you wish to stop..
I feel the same way as you do as for the playability of a guitar and a shiny neck just doesn't let you slide your hand up and down the neck like a dull one will.. ( personal prifference here )
When I worked for Breedlove, we would use #0000 with Turtle Wax to matte the finish on the necks. I have noticed the Ibanez finishes are particularly hard, so you may want to sand it with 600-800 wet/dry paper first and then use the steel wool/Turtle Wax.

Re: the sanding with 600-800 w/d paper, silly question but, do you sand wet or dry? How far down do you take the finish off? Also I wonder if Johnson paste wax will do the job like the turtle wax does???
I would sand wet with a drop dish soap in water. You get less friction and build up on the paper. Just sand until you don't see any glossy spots (no need to go any further). I've only used Turtle Wax so I do not know what result of using Johnson paste wax would be.
Just curious...why do you use the wax? Seems like that would make it shiny again???
The Turtle Wax in combination with steel wool seems to give the right amount of matte and luster to the finish. Try a spot without the wax and a spot with wax and see if there is a difference in your application.
Any kind of glossy varnish gives a horrible sticking feel to the neck Not sticky----sticking.Same as when I buy a new hand plane.I scrape all of it off right down to the wood then rub on linseed oil in thin layers over a period of days .The feel is so much smoother.Not sure exactly why though.Try it for yourself on some scrap wood.
That sounds a little extreme for me. But I'm sure it would be a nice neck when finished. I love the idea of bare wood and linseed oil or tung oil. Not sure if I would have the balls to strip it...
I did exactly that to one of my strats. Maple neck stripped the back of the neck bare and then applied tung oil. Buff with 0000 steel wool.


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