I first posted about this repair under “ advise on repairing a bad heel break”

well I’m almost ready to string this bass up once I glue some loose seams.

Kind of a rundown on what I did. With the broken neck completely off I had to repair missing wood in the neck block by adding wood and epoxy glue to fill voids. The broken heel was glued together with medium viscosity CA, then reinforced with the butterfly inlays on both sides of the heel. 

Shims were made and while in the process of refitting the neck the neck got locked in the joint, trying to pull the shim up with the neck. While wiggling and pulling, the bottom of the neck cracked apart. A new break to fix now, fixed with more medium CA.  After that I glued oversized shims in the joint before fitting the neck. 

Finally got as snug a fit of the neck to body, applied fish glue and reinstalled 2 screws through the heel like before. So now the neck could be removed in the future if needed, I’m pretty sure it won’t be me. also installed the ebony overlay anchoring the back and heel together ( that joint was broken years ago).

pictures attached. It’s not pretty but is definitely solid and should hold up under normal conditions.


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Strung up and ready to go. Plays and sounds good, seems good and solid.


Great job!

Well thought through.  Looks like you got the job done and a good funuctional result.  It was never going to be a beauty.....

I just last week repaired a new bass built in mexico last week that was broken in shipping.

I think the wood was pine. I re glued it in place then drilled through the finger board

clear down the neck and installed a 3/4 wooden dowell.  The neck will dot break now!



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