Hi every one, I'm Alberto from Italy, I'v made a guitar with 12 resonance string under the fret board, like Mr Carlson ,and they are all 7 gauge, but I can't get to work. Please is there anybody con help me to find out the right gauge and the right note, for every resonatyng 12 string ?

Thank you in advance to everyone that will take consideration


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Alberto -

Beautiful site and wonderful work!

Who is Mr. Carlson, and what has he done?

Fred Carlson is a fine and original luthier from Santa Cruz. His instruments are works of art. He invented the Sympitar, a standard six string with a set of twelve sympathetic strings running under the fret board. Alberto, if it were me, I'd get in touch with Fred himself. No one has better first hand experience than he.

Doh. Here is the link.

Check out his stuff if you haven't seen it before. Unique and visually stunning.

Wow - this is the kind of thing I usually find out about right after spending an extended amount of time in the area where I could conceivably meet with such and artist, and this is no exception.

Wonderful, creative stuff! Thanks for the tip Eric!

Freds work has a terrific whimsical feel to it and I've watched them being played by folks who know what to do with all them there strings, and they sound incredible. I think Frank probably knows Fred, better than I do, maybe he can add the info you're looking for Alberto ? Nudge, nudge.

Thankyou Eric and Mrk,I have allready tryed to contact Mr Carlson, and probabiby will do it again, but did not get any replay from him.

I'm glad you like mi work,Mark and I'd would be realy happy to have a chance to work with the USA market as long in  Italyi it's abut 3/4 years that market is realy pour, and very difficult.



Alberto, I like the site too. Nice work.

 I can't say that I know anything about resonance  but I can across this site which demonstrates the difference in resonance between a 6 string and a 10 string guitar. Maybe the information there will be of some use to you.

Hi Ned thankyou for the information, it looks interesting and wil take good notice of it.

All the best


Ciao Alberto.

Welcome to the forum. As you've probably noticed, you'll get GREAT advice & direction from the guys. You've already heard from two of our very best :)


Paul :)

Ciao Paul, your sir name sound like you have some Italian blood, am I wrong?

Yes it's grate to be part of a massive family like this one, and I'm realy gratefull to all that will take notice of me.



Yes sir.

My Grandmother was from Turin and my Grandfather from Rome. :)  My Dad was 1st generation Italian-American and I grew up in an Italian immigrant community. :)



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